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After growing and caring for bonsai for many years, I have a hard time understanding this statement by many people I meet. Then I hit upon the idea of using bonsai in comparison to other hobbies and also the caring for pets.

Any gardener who has even the slightest green thumb can grow and care for bonsai. I think where people get discouraged is when they either buy or are given a "bonsai" that was purchased at a discount hardware store or a grocery or other outlet that has so called "bonsai" for sale. These places from my experience usually have mass produced plants that were living until they put the glued on gravel on top. It is also forgotten that these "bonsai" need light and water to live.

People who have pets of any kind are also well suited to having and growing bonsai because they know what it takes to maintain a healthy animal. Plants, animals and people are all alike in certain aspects. We all need food, water and shelter to survive. That is it, it is as simple as that. Like your pet, bonsai can give you a lot of happiness and sense of well being.

Bonsai for me has been a source of relaxation, a calming and clearing of the mind and great satisfaction. I must warn you though, once you get involved in working with bonsai, you will be hooked. There is something about growing and caring for bonsai that attaches itself to your mind and spirit and does not let go. Bonsai has a way of calming your spirit and refreshing your mind when working with, looking at and being with them.

So, if you fall into one of the above categories, gardener or pet owner, you can very easily become a bonsa enthusiast. I assure you that you will not regret getting involved with bonsai. It will hold your attention and give you years of satisfaction.

Bonsai is easy to learn, especially with the help of a few books and maybe also joining a local bonsai club for mutual support and help.

Give it a try, you will never look back and say "I CAN'T GROW BONSAI"