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What is the meaning of Bonsai?

‘The meaning of bonsai’ and ‘what is bonsai’ are really two different things.

What is bonsai?  It is a tree in a tray or pot.  It has been in existence for many centuries, starting in China “Penjing” and evolving to Japan being called bonsai.  Today it has spread throughout the world in popularity for many reasons.

Style and form and being reduced in size, it is admired and loved by most everyone.  That is what bonsai is in basic appreciation.

The meaning of bonsai has many facets to it.  What bonsai means is different for each person and it leads to actually an inter-connection that is very difficult to pinpoint.

There is a deep connection to developing and growing trees in a small confined area and our own small and confined being.

The one thing I find is when working with my bonsai, I feel at peace and a great release of stress and worry.  Time has no meaning when I work with and care for my bonsai.

Bonsai teaches me to have patience and the will to take care of a part of nature that must be cared for daily if it is to survive.  This to me is not a burden, but a great honor to be so connected to another living thing.