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Spherical Knob Cutters
Spherical Knob CuttersSpherical Knob Cutters
Item Number 167
Price $86.95

Product Description

Professional Grade Knob Cutters

The high carbon steel of this Knob Cutter will keep a sharp edge indefinitely when properly used and cared for.  Vinyl-coated handles provide a comfortable and sure grip with the Professional quality tool, particulary during temperate weather.  5/8" blades, 8" overall length

Spherical knob cutters, known in Japan as Kobu Kiri Hasami, these cutters are designed for removing trunk knobs and roots.  The head is shaped like a ball, hence the name 'spherical'.  They produce a hollow circular cut that heals quickly and with a minimum of scarring.

Primary to the successful bonsai is cutting away unwanted portions of the tree.  The most important tools for these tasks are shears and pruners.  Pruning allows you to shorten a branch or the height of a tree, as well as removing entire unwanted branches.  Shears are NOT meant to cut using a by-pass action.  While cutters bite, the edges of biting tools usually overlap slightly--closing without contact, one over the other.  The most basic bonsai starter set should include the tools needed to accomplish the basic pruning and shaping tasks.

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