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My hands on experience using Superthrive over the years


I have been doing bonsai for over 30 plus years.  I am not a good bonsai designer, but I try my best.  The one thing I can say is my bonsai all thrive and I know it is because of the use of Superthrive. First, when transplanting or repotting, and then in an ongoing regimen using the bonsai food in watering.

There is a big difference in the bonsai I have done before using Superthrive and after I started using it.  Prior to using bonsai tree food it took a long time for the bonsai to recuperate after re-potting or transplanting and even then they didn’t have the vigor and color I see now.

I am still amazed at how quickly the bonsai respond to Superthrive, whether it is using it during re-potting or when acquiring a new tree and using Superthrive bonsai food on it for the first time.  When using it with fertilizer, whether organic or chemical it seems to boost the results tremendously.

It is my experience that the hormones and vitamins in Superthrive can make any thumb green, whether you have experience or not in growing anything.  I highly recommend the use of Superthrive to anyone, whether you are a bonsai enthusiast, gardener or professional grower.  It doesn’t matter what the growing medium is, whether good soil or very poor soil, Superthrive bonsai tree food makes everything thrive and do well.



Gene Schecher

Maiban Bonsai