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Kyoto Moss Spores

Joshua Roth Moss Spores are of a variety commonly termed 'Kyoto' Moss, as is prevalent at the Kyoto Gardens in Japan.  The beautiful, bright green velvet appearance is weed free, since it is greenhouse grown in sterilized soil.  Shelf life is indefinite, as spores are packed in a zip-lock bag within the envelope.  A detailed growing guide is included in each packet.  Cover up to 3 square feet.  1/2 ounce net. wt.  If you want more than one packet, please go to my store for as many as you want.  Also great for your Japanese Garden and other landscape features.

The moss grown from these spores are a favorite in Bonsai for it's beautiful, bright green velvety appearance.  Unlike most varieties, it remains smooth, even when mature.

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'KYOTO MOSS' Spores For Bonsai Pots, Japanese Gardens
Price: $5.50
'KYOTO MOSS' Spores For Bonsai Pots, Japanese Gardens
Beautiful bright green velvet appearance. Covers up to 3 square feet.