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Joshua Roth Bonsai Wire Cutters
Joshua Roth Bonsai Wire CuttersJoshua Roth Bonsai Wire CuttersJoshua Roth Bonsai Wire Cutters
Item Number 8165
Manufacturer Joshua Roth
Price $48.95

Product Description


Constructed with a good quality steel, our lowest cost traditional-type wire cutter will serve the beginning student for many years.  1/2" blades, 8" overall length.  Made in Japan

Wiring is another way to alter the shape of branches and trunks.  This is done to either preserve the present shape, or to produce a different form by altering the original form of the tree.  Bonsai wire cutters, unlike the wire cutters found in most home toolboxes, are designed specifically for bonsai wire, with a rounded head to prevent damage to the bark of your bonsai with jaws that cut the wire symmetrically and cleanly.  This allows you to get close to the branch or trunk as you cut the wire.  Bonsai wire cutters are available in many sizes--the thickness of the wire being used dictating the size of bonsai wire cutters required.  A good basic size has 3/8" to 1/2" blades and is 8" overall length.

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