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Item Number 1804
Manufacturer Joshua Roth
Price $29.95

Product Description

Used as a fine Japanese knife sharpener, along with sharpening bonsai shears and other cutting tools with straight blades. Our combination water stone has a 280 grit gray bauxite stone on one side, and a 1500 grit white aluminum stone on the other. The coarser, 280 grit stone can remove very small nicks and burrs. (Larger ones should be removed using a diamond or metal file). Hone blades first with the coarser stone, then with the fine grit stone to get the cutting edges back to their original sharpness. The whetstone is boxed and supplied with a flexible plastic holder to minimize slipping.

Ceramics are becoming more and more popular for use as a knife sharpening stone agent. The hardness of ceramics cuts into the hard stainless steel being used by most knife manufacturers today yet leaves a nice smooth cutting edge.

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