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Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree 1 3/4" Trunk

Black Pine Bonsai Tree
Black Pine Bonsai TreeBlack Pine Bonsai TreeBlack Pine Bonsai TreeBlack Pine Bonsai Tree
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Product Description

This Japanese Black Pine bonsai tree is compact, well balanced branch structure, with a good semi-formal upright design.  Very bright green stiff needles that have been shortened trough time.  Still there is a lot of work one can do with this bonsai, such as reducing the needle size even more by needle plucking.  Continuing work with the apex and some wiring from time to time will make this somthing to be very proud of.  This bonsai is 14" tall to the apex from the soil line and 14" wide.  The trunk is approximately 1 3/4" diameter just under the first set of branchs.  The pot is a 12x8" rectanular Korean mica pot.  The potting medium is pure akadama.

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