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Garden Cut Shears :

Product Description

The original GardenCut tm shears, used for garden, floral, basketry, bonsai and hand blown glass cutting.  These general purpose shears are especially well suited for floral & gardening projects.  Their stainless steel blades which can cut through 1/2" twigs with relative ease and their incredibly sharp pointed tips which give access to otherwise inaccessible areas, have made them a favorite of floral designers, basket makers, glass blowers, as well as bonsai enthusiasts.  "Soft Flex" handles reduce blistering during long sessions of use.  Stainless steel blades carry and maintain much sharper cutting edges than lesser quality imitations, resulting in less effort and cuts that remain exceptionally clean, even after many years of use.  Made in Japan

Just a few more application areas in which these versatile shears are popular include:

  •     Trimming foam & plastic materials
  •     Handicrafts of all types
  •     Harvesting vegetables
  •     General kitchen use

    Trimming hot molten glass during glass blowing

Specifications:  #130SS with Hard Stainless Steel Blades.

Handles:  Soft Flex tm flexible polyvinyl plastic

Blades:    Stainless Steel cutlery steel, hardened and tempered for durability and strength.  Sharp champfer angle minimizes binding.

8" overall length, 2" blades

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