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Bonsai Watering Wand | Bansai Tools |
Bonsai Watering Wand | Bansai Tools | MaibanBansai.comBonsai Watering Wand | Bansai Tools |
Item Number 2091
Manufacturer Joshua Roth
Price $24.95

Product Description


This bonsai watering wand is designed specifically to provide a dense, gentle velvet mist spray similar to a light rain.  Additional features include an internal nylon diffuser to distribute spray more evenly than other watering wands.  A standard garden hose fitting in ABS plastic.  Removable mesh micro-screen for easy cleaning, and an on-off valve accessory provides convenient control of water flow.  12" overall length.  Imported by Joshua Roth Ltd.

My personal comments about this water wand, is that it is the best wand I have ever used.  It is hard to see in my poor photo above, but the openings are so small you can not put the point of a needle in them.  This wand produces a nice volume of very soft rain like water to your bonsai or other plants without washing out the soil or damaging delicate foliage.

This is the most important part of bonsai care. Watering is a learned skill; in Japan an apprentice is given pruning shears on his first day, but he won’t touch a watering can for another four years!

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