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Bonsai Spherical Concave Cutters
Item Number 2178
Manufacturer Joshua Roth
Price $90.95

Product Description


The cutting edges of the spherical concave cutters are rounded, as compared to the straight blades of standard concave cutters.  The results are spherical cuts, which are round and hollow and heal with the most aesthetic and least visable wounds.  Made with high carbon steel for superior cutting life.  3/4" blades, 6 1/2" overall length.  Made in Japan 

Primary to the successful bonsai is cutting away unwanted portions of the tree.  The most important tools for these tasks are shears and pruners.  Pruning allows you to shorten a branch or the height of a tree, as well as removing entire unwanted branches.  Shears are NOT meant to cut using a by-pass action.  While cutters bite, the edges of biting tools usually overlap slightly--closing without contact, one over the other.  The most basic bonsai starter set should include the tools needed to accomplish the basic pruning and shaping tasks.

The concave cutter is the single most important tool for bonsai use and for which there is no substitute.  These tools are designed for cutting branches flush to the trunk.  Concave cutters come in several sizes - the most useful size to start with is 8" overall length.  This size has a medium size cutting surface and is a good choice for most cuts.  Concave cutters bite into a branch completely from its base and cut into the branch base flatly.  This leaves a cut that heals faster and leaves less scarring than a straight across cut. 

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