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Bonsai Keyhole Saw | Bonsai Tools |
Item Number 111
Manufacturer Joshua Roth
Price $15.95

Product Description

The long narrow blade on this Novice grade saw makes it perfect for reaching into small and dense stock.  Conventionally set teeth cut on the pull stroke (preventing bending).  With hardwood handle and attractive vinyl pouch.  7" long blade is 3/4" wide max.  12" overall length.  Made in Japan

Saws are a must for most root pruning.  Regular root pruning is as necessary to bonsai as regular pruning of branches and foliage.  The main advantage to using a saw instead of your shears is two-fold.  First using your bonsai shears to cut into the root ball would damage their fine cutting edge.  Second, when using a saw there are not two metal blades coming into contact with one another to sever a root.  We recommend a Japanese style bonsai saw which cuts on the pull strokes.  Cutting on the pull stroke prevents the blade from bending, reduces binding and improves smoothness of the cut.

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