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Tungsten Carbide Blade Sharpener
Item Number 1103
Price $28.95

Product Description

This is an outstanding sharpener for restoring the blades of all types of cutlery and tools that have a straight cutting edge.  No tool box is complete without this amazing sharpener.  Orange plastic handle for easy visibility.  Tungsten carbide blade.  3/4" blade, 6" overall. 

Uses: For sharpening knives, sickles, shears and scissors, pruning shears, concave cutters and much more.  Also good for plastic chamfering.

Features: Ultra-hard Tungsten Alloy edge is next hardest to diamond.  A sharp cutting edge can easily be restored using only a light stroke.  Sharpener is rustless and long lasting.   Made in Japan

My personal note:  I have used this sharpener now for two years and I am still amazed at how easy it is to use and how quick it makes any cutting edge as sharp as a razor.  It will restore any edge, no matter how dull it has become.  I will personally guarantee your complete satisfaction on this product.

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